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Our Appraisal Management Services:

We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle your appraisal management needs for properties in our backyard, or across the country. We are staffed by working appraisers with years of experience and a firm understanding of complex appraisal principles.

In order to assure you of the highest quality appraisals possible, our screening process starts with appraisers who have achieved the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. We already have a working relationship with many, But where we don't have such relationships, we will research and qualify commercial and industrial appraisers in the market areas you need. Our approval process includes verification of licensing, insurance, review of work samples as well as personal contacts with references.

Once appraisers are found to meet our strict criterion, we manage files on each appraiser with license, resume and insurance information verified annually.

When it comes to management of the individual appraisal assignment, we will request competitive bids, engage the appraiser and work directly with the appraiser to determine the scope of work necessary to meet the requirements of your assignment. Finally, we will manage the documentation requirements of the appraiser and communication necessary between your firm and the appraiser.

Finally, once your assignment is completed we will conduct an in-house quality review of each appraisal to be certain that quality and content are at the highest levels possible. If we have questions, you'll likely have the same or similar questions, so we'll go back to the appraiser, where necessary, for corrections and/or clarification of issues related to the market, property or issues brought out by the appraisal.

In short, we will act as your conduit between the appraiser and your underwriting, loan production and risk management departments, providing your firm with assurance that the appraiser and most importantly, their resulting appraisal product, are truly independent of outside influence.

If you have questions regarding our appraisal management services, please feel free to contact James Stein at the number listed above.



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