Free NNN Investment Value Calculator
The commercial appraisal tool on this page uses direct capitalization to simulate the process through which the commercial real estate appraiser analyzes the income stream of a triple net (NNN) investment in a retail or industrial building in order to determine the value of the property.
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Free NNN (Triple Net) Investment Value Calculator

NNN Appraisal Specialists

We are Triple Net appraisal specialists. If you are in need of an appraisal of a NNN leased asset, we invite you to call us to discuss your project. In the meantime, following is a learning tool which mimics the direct capitalization approach to value that an appraiser would utilize in the appraisal of net leased retail, commercial, or industrial buildings.


After inputting your property’s income and expenses, you will need to select the most appropriate cap rate for your property. Once done, the calculator will divide the net leased retail, commercial, or industrial building’s net operating income by the cap rate which will result in a value for the net leased retail, commercial, or industrial building.


There is a website out there that advertises an appraisal of your triple net leased retail, commercial, or industrial building, yet produce nothing other than a value based on a simple direct capitalization approach to value. In their terms of service, they make it very clear that what you get is without value, yet they persist in charging for their “appraisal” of your property when it is nothing of the sort.


They ask you to input the retail, commercial, or industrial building’s income and expense details. Once done, they apply a cap rate to the resulting net operating income and pop out a value for the property. For this “service” they charge approximately $25.00.


Fill in all the boxes number values. Use “0” for nothing and whole numbers for percentages, i.e. 5.5 equals 5.5 percent. Most importantly, if you think you need an appraisal of your retail, commercial, or industrial building, we at Stein Valuation Inc. stand ready to assist.

Gross Income:

Square Feet :
Gross Rents($/sq.ft./month) :
Other Income :
Vacancy Collection Loss %:

Prof. Management Fees %:
Un-Reimbirsed Expenses :
Cap Rate %: